Давным-давно – с десяток тысяч лет, А может быть и больше - я не знаю
Живёт у человека самоед – Пушистый, белый пёс с улыбкой мая!
Он знает всё о жизни наперёд, Уверен он, что нужен человеку:
Что тот без самоеда – пропадёт, Состарится от скуки раньше века.
Из гимна самоедов (Сергей Костомаров)      


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Samoyed breed ...

   Samoyed — samoyed dog by standard, samoyeds (saam) husky at common language or just a sammy. Not because it eats itself, but of 3000 years of living as companion in north tribes of saam group (Nenets, laplanders and so on). Dogs were a herders, hunters, transport, companions, nurses and even a hot-water bottles for children there.
   At now these smart, tender, intelligent, easy trained dogs remain a devoted friends of man, and by right take a place of lucky talisman and guardian angel in many families. Samoyeds always feel with man with all heart in joy and under the hatches, can find approach to any character. In America Samoyeds have a title "Dog for a good mood", because of doctors recommendations to communicate with them as a drug for depression and loneliness.

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